Bizleisure- Reinventing Employee Dress Codes


Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March, the world has undoubtedly changed. The way we interact with others, how we spend our weekends, how we live, and how we work has all changed. We are now primarily staying at home, and our desire for comfort and contentment is at an all-time high, no matter the activity. While business casual once reigned supreme in the world of business dress codes, work from home culture has now bled into employee workwear, and it is here to stay- even once we all return to the office.

Introducing…. Bizleisure.

The need to look professional while on zoom meetings, all while staying comfortable while off camera initiated a trend that is composed of activewear-inspired, business-appropriate apparel. From knit jackets to full-button polos and quarter zips, the ability to easily layer when needed is at its core.

With your company logo boldly displayed on your shirt, you will be ready to take on any call, while comfortably -and appropriately- representing your company.