Stay Connected Virtually- with a Physical Touch


With in-person events, expos, or conferences being cancelled, and/or employees still working remotely, the importance of maintaining and building your connection with your clients and staff is more critical than ever.

As the health and safety of staff, event-goers and vendors stays top of mind, many in-person events and work environments have gone virtual. Though it may seem more difficult to build or maintain connections, with the right creative touch, your impact can actually be stronger than ever. Direct mailer kits offer an engagement and personal touch that your attendees/participants/staff would be missing at live events and workrooms.

Tangible products allow for long-term brand interaction and create personal connections between a brand and the consumer or employee. Including tangible products in your direct mailer marketing kit is a safe and effective alternative to those interactions that are otherwise on hold.

With the ability to be completely customizable and authentic to your brand, tailoring your direct mailer to compliment your event or message can boost your effectiveness with a call-to-action, loyalty-building, element of surprise, recognition, tangible long-lasting reminder and more.  From a custom box, to thoughtfully-selected branded apparel and products, your direct mailer will be one-of-a-kind and will strengthen that connection between your brand and the recipient.

Building a custom direct mailer to accompany your virtual event, or to connect deeper with remote employees, will create a tangible message about your brand, all while the recipient is in the comfort and safety of their own home.

Check out an awesome example of a direct mailer kit that Blue Fuel did for one of our client’s virtual conferences: