Our Rebrand: The Story


We are a different company than we were five years ago, let alone 18 years ago when the idea of Blue Fuel Marketing became a reality.

We are actively executing new growth strategies, creating a new revenue mix with added services, and pursuing new market segments fueled by our expanded reach. As we enter new markets and broaden our client base, we saw the opportunity to play an even bigger role in our customers’ success with our creativity and first to market approach as the foundation. As we evolved, it became clear that our image needed to do the same to better represent who we are now and where we are headed.

In the process of evolving our logo, it was important to us that our brand stay true to who we are. Blue Fuel infuses speed, connectivity, and creativity into everything we do. It brings solutions to our customers that help them touch the lives of their customers, employees, partners and/or prospects.

The new look and feel of the brand is purposeful, precise, bold, and forward-moving. This was inspired by our original concept that Fuel is energy, explosive, and makes things go.

Our new logo is not only representative of the results we help create, but also an embodiment of the speed and connection that runs through our people.