Experiential Marketing- Beyond the Event


Experiential marketing, also known as engagement marketing, event marketing, or live marketing, focuses on building brand awareness and loyalty through branded experiences.

As an advertising and branded merchandise agency, we spend much of our day brainstorming how to have our clients connect with people on a personal level and leave them with a lasting impression. We know how effective experiential marketing can be, but it is not to forget the importance of sending your customers away with something more than just a fading memory.

Whether it be large activations or pop-ups, the main goal of any experiential marketing campaign is to be remembered and show potential customers complete brand authenticity.

Throughout the years, Blue Fuel assisted a client at multiple music festivals and expos, promoting a leading cellular device company through an engagement marketing experience booth. Not only did the booth provide a powerful experience, but it also left attendees with a tangible memory of that experience.

At the events, Blue Fuel staff collectively produced over 10,000 t-shirts and tote bags on-site with a variety of options designed specifically to create a connection between the brand, the experience, and the consumer. Event goers left with a t-shirt or tote that will be a constant reminder of their unique experience, and the brand that provided them with it.

As we are now seeing the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, it is time to start thinking about your next branded experience, and how to effectively attract and retain customers after the event is said and done. Sending away the public with more than just a memory is one way to ensure the experience – and your brand – is not forgotten.