What’s to Love About Promotional Products?


There are many ways to market your brand. Media advertising, direct mail, and personal contact are just a few that immediately might come to mind. It is proven that various age groups respond differently to marketing tactics, making it harder for brands to effectively reach and resonate with their audience. For instance, Millennials best recall social media ads while Generation X respond to directional call-to-actions, and Baby Boomers recall points of reference such as website domains or contact information. What if there was a solution to reach all generations?

According to a recent 2017 study, promotional products are ranked the #1 most effective form of advertising to prompt action across all generations.

Promotional products date back to the George Washington era in 1789 where commemorative buttons were distributed to celebrate the first president of the United States. Little did they know at the time, this advertising tactic would remain a huge success for many years following this presidential campaign. Today, it is hard to image a political campaign without yard signs, buttons, lanyards, bumper stickers, etc. Considering how long this advertising vehicle has been around, why does it work so well? Because it possesses several qualities that effectively increase brand recognition:

  • Able to engage all the senses
  • Useful
  • Retained by recipient
  • Able to repeatedly display the client’s message at no additional cost/ impression
  • Enforces brand relevance
  • Creates awareness and favorable associations with your brand

A list comprised of these reasons could be enough to sell you on promotional products. Still not sold? Consider how often you see branded pieces on average. Branded merchandise is everywhere: on t-shirts, cell phone cases, pens, notebooks, water bottles, makeup, lawn chairs, you name it!

If you think about how often you see branded items-imagine how often your message will be broadcasted to different audiences. For instance, according to a study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute, bags generate the most impressions in the U.S. because they are often used in public places and seen by many people.

There are so many different ways to use promo items, here’s a list to spark some ideas on how you could use promotional items during your next marketing campaign.

  • Include branded lunch bags at a company picnic or event.
  • Have a store or business opening soon? Attract foot traffic by promoting the grand opening with a free t-shirt to the first 100 people who come.
  • Bring some branded lotion, pens or lip balm to a tradeshow or exposition where you are an exhibitor attending. Attendees will appreciate small necessities like these during long show days.
  • Show your employees, clients, consumers or customers how much you care with thank you gifts branded with your logo on them. Gifts are also good for advertising a promotion. With words such as ‘free gift with purchase’, your sales will sky rocket.

The misguided perception of promotional products may lead some to think they are inexpensive and useless. However, with a little inspiration and creative twist, branded goods create lasting impressions and customer connections that will help you deliver a successful marketing campaign. As seen through the success of our forefathers in presidential campaigns to present day, promotional products have made a lasting impression on their target audiences throughout the ages.