Why Plan or Host a Golf Outing?


It’s no surprise that over 24 million Americans love to play golf. What could be a better outlet than connect a widely desired pastime with ample networking and business opportunities, while having fun and enjoying some sunshine at the same time? Golf outings, among many benefits, bring together employees, customers and vendors in a comfortable environment of natural networking without high pressure.

One of the most important aspects to any golf outing is sponsorship. By selling sponsorships, you can cover the expenses of the event as well as potentially create a large revenue that can be used towards a charity or good cause. Likewise, the sponsors are given prime advertising exposure to the wide audience of your attendees. You will find sponsorship advertising on holes, contests, event invitations, participation shirts and awards, to name a few. Many of these can support multiple sponsorships on the same item, thereby increasing profitability.


Gifts and prizes are also a driving force for a successful golf outing and can incorporate sponsorship opportunities. Welcome attendees with an arrival gift that they can use throughout the day – golf balls, a golf towel, a pack of tees, a cap or visor, and an insulated water bottle. The branded logos on these items will have a direct connection to the attendees, specifically engaging them with the fun event and that brand. Further, distributing awards and prizes later in your event will encourage attendees to stay longer, therefore increasing networking time, as well as overall enjoyment of the outing experience. To help generate ideas on golf-themed prizes or giveaways, take a look at our list of hand-picked favorites.

Next think about attire. It is smart to have all volunteers or staff workers in a coordinating shirt that will differentiate them from attendees. Attendees always appreciate knowing quickly who they can direct questions to throughout the event and a uniform shirt does just that. Further, select a different shirt for all attendees to wear, again quickly identifying them as customers or vendors. Apparel creates a unified part-of-the-team feel, and gives the attendee something to wear long after the event is over, which allows the branding to live on. Studies have shown one shirt can yield as many as 2,450 impressions. Further, shirts provide a huge advertising space where many logos can be represented, again increasing sponsorship opportunities and brand exposure. See our recommendations to help your staff, customers and vendors look their best at your event.

Needless to say, golf outings are the perfect foundation for easy networking and advertising opportunities, while having a fun and memorable time. Still unsure about hosting one? Allow the numbers to convince you. According to Sage®, promotional products draw as many as 500 percent more referrals from satisfied customers than an appeal letter alone. A golf outing is a perfect opportunity to distribute those promotional products and grow your referrals and customer base. Do not forget that attendees and sponsors are investing their valuable time at your event and do not want to be disappointed. Let us strategize your golf outing with you to maximize the opportunities available and ensure your outing is a huge success. Reach us at 866.535.FUEL or visit the contact tab on www.bluefuelmarketing.com to get started.