The Latest Trending Word and Look- Athleisure


At the start of each January, the phrase “new year, new me” floats around the average household or office with high intentions to hit the gym and get healthy. While New Year’s resolutions eventually fade out for some, businesses are rapidly approaching this mentality year round with the opportunity to attract a new generation to the workforce-millennials.

With the highly competitive current job market and changing workforce shift, recruiters are in need of creative ways to attract job candidates, according to the Los Angeles Times. On-site morning yoga classes to beach volleyball during lunch breaks are a few ways businesses have approached this creative attitude. The phrase work-life-balance, which has been around for many generations, is becoming all the more popular lately as companies are adding gyms and studios to their buildings or company campuses.

Beyond outside of work activities, casual dress codes are also becoming rapidly popular during office hours. The once simplistic combination of dress shirts, ties and work pants has shifted to a more relaxed, casual work environment with an interest in athleisure in some companies. High end athleisure brands are making their mark in retail and similarly in the corporate world. It is hard not to notice racer back tank tops, yoga or jogger pants, loose fitting t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts which are taking the industry by storm.

New Era is one brand that is recently taking the athleisure spotlight. Since 1920, when the New Era cap brand launched, athletes, artists and people everywhere expressed themselves with New Era hats. Often seen in the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Basketball Association (NBA), the brand is currently introducing corporate apparel options.

With the recent addition to apparel, companies have the unique opportunity to express their brands and boost engagement. New Era has embraced this recent demand for causal workwear by offering heathered t-shirts, cowl sweatshirts, sweat-wicking performance tees and more. New Era’s new line also includes some fashion pieces and baseball jerseys that can be worn outside of the office as well. The line is praised for its high end look at reasonable price point.

Besides the interest from the millennial population, athleisure is trending in targeted industries and businesses. Hotels, spas, cleaning services and, of course, athletic facilities are embracing the trend. Performance wear is also often seen at company outings, business travels, community volunteer days, company charity runs or retreats. Employees are paring performance style with workwear items to make the perfect outfit for casual dress days.

All of this suggests that athleisure options are becoming more prevalent in the work place. Athleisure can be used as a creative way to attract a new crowd or incorporate more flexibility to the office atmosphere.  Whatever the reason, athleisure should be seen as a resource and not just a trend.