promotional products are Still Important in a Digital World


Living in a digital world has led businesses to approach marketing with a very different strategy than in the past. Online marketing has become a driving force in the way that companies build their brand because of how accessible social media and the internet has become. And while online marketing has proven to work, and work well, promotional products still play a huge role in brand awareness and recognition. When done properly, promotional products can even work in synergy with online marketing to introduce your brand to a larger audience.

The rise of social media has allowed brands to remotely engage with their audiences and present who they are and how their products or services might fit into their lives. And though promotional products are traditionally used to reach audiences in different ways than social media, there are many ways that the two interact together.

Promotional products make a personal connection with the recipient, which is something that social media inherently lacks on its own. Here are some tips to consider when deciding on a promotional product that will help boost your brand’s presence online:

  • Give away a promotional product that fits your brand’s message and that your audience will want to share on their online platforms. Think about the current trends and chose a product that your audience will assign value to. Not only will you leave an impression on the person who received that product, now their social circle will have exposure to your brand as well.
  • Choose a promotional product that you will feel proud to share on your company’s social media. Does the product correlate with your online marketing campaign? Show your online following the cool things you might offer when they interact with you.
  • Decide when and where to give out your promotional product. Do the recipients want to hold onto and keep your product? Are they given the opportunity to share it online? Is the product worth keeping?

It is an indisputable fact that promotional products have lasting value, and that value will last longer than a 30 second ad online. Using promo products in conjunction with online marketing is a wise step because you have a tangible product that interacts with the recipients in a personal way and reminds them of what you do, and the online marketing message you gave.