Project Description

To appeal to the architects and designers that typically attend this trade show, Blue Fuel created custom Post-it pads as entry forms.  Each form was pre-illustrated with a line drawing of KI’s latest office chair design, as well as a spot for the attendee to enter their name and contact information for a chance to win.  Attendees were given KI-branded mini colored pencil kits they were allowed to keep, and were encouraged to doodle and color in a fabric design pattern for KI’s new chair design.  Entry forms were collected and the winning design would receive recognition in their monthly trade magazine as well as influence a future upholstery fabric design.

KI experienced an “extra busy” booth the entire time during this 2-day show.  Word-of-mouth praises spread throughout the show floor as attendees went out of their way to come see this creative contest and wanted to take their shot at doodling their own custom fabric design.  KI was able to engage the attendees, build excitement over their new office chair line, collect qualified and valuable sales leads, and supported their position as the leader in office furniture innovation.